Facebook Events Gone Wrong

Just Another Obstacle for a Startup Business

Facebook events gone wrong! I decided to plan an outing for our startup business this Valentines weekend. I started researching Facebook Events accepting vendors for the famous love holiday. Then I THOUGHT I picked the perfect event for our startup company. Yep, I was so terribly wrong it hurts thus adding just another obstacle for a start up business. The event we picked as a partnership was called Cupid’s Festival 2018. We prepared for weeks in advance so everything would go smooth, and chose this location for the garden. We have a photo booth for holiday events and this would have been a great location to take shots. Days prior to the event it starts raining at a rate of a consistent downpour!

Contacting the Host! (Prior)

I contacted one of the event host via Facebook messenger days before the event. Worried after watching the rain continuously pour over East Tennessee I decided to check if the event had been cancelled! The host I spoke with assured me there was NO reason to worry. He stated that they even had been moved into one of the many structures located on the forty-seven acre Botanical Garden. After I spoke with the host I believed that there was going to be zero issues with this event! I finished the conversation by making sure there was nothing else he needed from us.

Where is this Place?

 We knew we had a little shy of an hour drive, so we left early and were suppose to arrive at 10:15 according to Waze with the event starting at 11:00 we figured we would be perfect.  This whole part went to plan, with the exception of not finding the correct entrance to the Botanical Garden.  We actually got lost with the band which was somewhat awesome due to being able to validate it wasn’t just us having a hard time finding this place!  When we finally found the correct place, it wasn’t what we were expecting at all.  The driveway was crammed and had no room for guests to park, here is a view of it with no cars so you can only imagine what it would be like with just the staff cars.

Finally Arrived!                              

When we arrived we got out of the car and the first thing we heard was arguing in the distance. Approaching the venue we soon realize there is a heated argument between a host and a vendor. The vendor was extremely upset because apparently he has been moving his food truck for the past half hour in circles! There were two host’s for this event and apparently them working together never happened the entire project! This poor guy was going from each side of the venue, multiple times before they finally realized there was an issue. Upon agreeing with each other they had him park at the opposite end of the venue entrance! The truck owner was very angry over the lack of accommodations.


When we arrived it was almost like we were forgotten, the space wasn’t ready for us and the overall confusion from the host didn’t really sit too well with us.  We were suppose to have multiple things included with the 75$ vendor fee; two tables, provided tent, place to hang business sign, two electrical outlets, decent size booth, and finally maybe actually remember we paid? The host I worked with in planning our entry into the event had NO memory of our two week spam of conversations or our payment! Miraculously when I pulled out my e-statement he quickly regained a full memory of our interactions! He quickly offered to find us a spot and apologized for all the confusion. When he came back to show us our booth I was in complete awe.


The Cupids Festival didn’t really go as planned. Our idea for this event was something along the lines of chocolates, wine tasting, beautiful flowers & scenery, photos, design, and awesome music?  It might of turned out that way for people inside maybe, but didn’t seem like it for us and several others. The booth we were given last moment was between the band and the announcer for the event. It only had enough space for a single table and there was no power left for us to use.  We overheard comments this was the most disorganized event they had ever attended. This was last straw I went to the host requested money back, after receiving my money we were trying to salvage what time we had left.


As a last minute decision we decided to drive one hour south to a indoor flea market located in Sweetwater, TN. This was decision we made for the day, even though we only had four hours left we did great.  We decided to run a family booth at the flea market with my mom for four hours. My oldest daughter Destiny put on a cute hat and grabbed a bell.

“Come and get your Valentines Day Suckers only 1 dollar” 

The girls did great at the Flea Market selling anything and everything while having a great time full of laughter.

Final Thoughts 

After a long and crazy adventure I can say we honestly learned some valuable lessons!

  • Make sure you always keep records (and back them up if possible) for everything you do, most importantly your communications!
  • Do NOT trust every event posted on Facebook regardless of how many people are attending.
  • Stay positive!

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Facebook Events Gone Wrong

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