How Can Moving Your Business Online Make You Money?

Learn how to grow your business online to unlock the best returns possible.  With the technology era evolving every day it is never too late to join.  Almost every business wants omnichannel sales, but this is expensive as it requires selling at all levels.  Regardless, if you already have a storefront you are ahead of the game but why aren’t you online yet? Moving online with a focus on customer satisfaction and technology is the proven equation for success.

Physical Era vs. Online; Business decisions!

While having a physical location is great, it is very expensive for the company to maintain. Businesses have removed the cost completely by going online.  Physical locations are very nice but not always needed, specially for startups.  Most customers want their items delivered immediately to their front doorstep.  We live in a current world of instant gratification, everyone wants things immediately.  Providing instant gratification has been key to many companies success.

Studies have shown most use customers pick a premium service even if its considered overpriced by many.  A great example would be just saving time and frustration is worth the minimal charge from Kroger when shopping with Clicklist.  I have been buying my groceries online for years and will never look back to shopping myself.  I choose the “lazy” option by choosing a 4.95$ service to save myself hours at the grocery store.  

Dealing with customers online is a breeze, if you have ever worked in customer service you will cherish this. Having an online storefront will allow customers all over the world access, all the time.  So tell me, what happens when you have that special item and it goes viral?  If you have it at a physical location you better hope you’re open!  If you’re online looking at your viral sales numbers is fun right?  Look at the success of global marketplaces like Alibaba, they are globally transforming the online business world.

24/7 Customers, sign me up!  How do I get into this business?

Today not having an online presence is fatal. Customers are shopping for their every need at every moment of the day. Have you seen the amount of shopping that is available online? Think about Google Express, Amazon, Newegg, and eBay. Large cities are already adopting drone services for food delivery and small packages.  Soon we won’t even have to leave the house, everything you need will get delivered in an hour.

So think about when you are getting ready to make a purchase. What goes through your head before pulling the trigger?  Because personally, I want to look up specifics and view some customer pictures. I’m also bad at wanting to give it a real-world use case to justify the purchase.  Guess who provides this service with amazing results? Oh yeah, Amazon the company that started selling books and moved to selling everything online possible.

“Online stores are open 24/7/365, how much does it cost for that same business to operate at a physical location?”

The online era is currently taking the business world by storm, changing the game for the future!

Online businesses will gradually experience their products selling online more frequently than the physical offline store. Businesses have even reported going viral selling random trendy items. Recently I heard about a website that was outstanding.  They got into a niche selling penny boards and became viral!

Not everyone gets lucky and goes viral, you must trying and evolving the strategy. All of the information you need for a business should be available at your fingertips.  When you join the online business world, you’ll never go back.  Click here to learn how to start your online business!


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