How to Purchase XRP Without Being Verified 

Wondering how to jump on the XRP train? Are you wanting to invest before it turns into another Bitcoin you missed out on? Well look no further, we have a simple and easy method to obtain XRP without having to wait weeks on verification, and sometimes even finding out your verification was denied and you have to start over again.  This method works unless you are trying to operate with more than 2 BTC (at the current price of BTC=$14,500 USD) that’s around 30,000 in trading before you would have to verify.)

The process is simple, we need a few different accounts so we can move the currency around without having to get dinged extra fee’s.  If we were to transfer currency from the Coinbase exchange directly to the Binance exchange we would be hit with an extra fee, by transferring to Coinbase’s native exchange we avoid the fee.


We are going to need accounts on Binance and Coinbase. (I added my referral links if you would be so kind!)

Transfer Process

  • Purchase Etherum (ETH) or LiteCoin (LTC) on Coinbase after registering account and adding a payment method.
  • Why Etherum (ETH) / Litecoin (LTC) over Bitcoin (BTC)?
    • The reason we are purchasing ETH/LTC on Coinbase instead of BTC is due to the fee associated with BTC.  Wait this is probably the reason why you are wanting to invest in XRP right?
  • Send ETH to the GDax Exchange
  • Send ETH from GDax Exchange to the Binance Exchange.
  • Purchase XRP with ETH
  • Send XRP to your secure wallet of choice.

Whats next?

Now that you have the process of purchasing XRP down, you can buy more without having the worry factor.  Now you can just sit tight, hold, day-trade, or whatever you currently do with your money.  I would recommend reading some information about Ripple, learning whats next for the company.  Maybe follow Brad.


If you have problems, or questions feel free to reach out, we would love to assist.

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